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Welcome to Africa smile coast

Organic Living på Yuna Village Garden Resort

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Welcome to Yuna Village Garden Resort! Join us on a fantastic journey to the "smiling coast of Africa" in Gambia. We have arranged trips here since 2001, which are difficult to find in regular travel agents. The journey is unique for those who want to experience the African culture. Here you can try out various cultural activities including, African djembe drums, kora, balafon, dance, art and various trips.

You will also get to experience nature, culture, rural life and urban life. You will stay at a place called Yuna Village Garden Resort, which is right in the middle of the African nature, with its own garden where it grows oranges, bananas, papayas, mangoes and other exotic plants.

We are also engaged in various cultural school projects.

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Jari Kajanne Tel: +4672-3017714
Modou Joof Tel: +4670-9494963
Niklas Adrian Tel: +4673-0262159