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Prices and flights 

Welcome to yuna village garden, here can you take advantage of our great deals! 


Our all-inclusive package include: 

- Twin (or single) room with toilet and shower with a own veranda 
- Organic breakfast, lunch and dinner with an optional drink included. 
- Airport transfer 
- Guide to our activities 

Daily price (all-inclusive): 71€ NOW: 51€ 
1 week: 500€ NOW: 357€ 
2 weeks: 1000€ NOW: 714€ 

When it comes to the various excursions and activities, we have a set schedule every week. You can choose if you want to join or not. When it comes to air travel, you can choose if you want to book it by yourself, otherwise we can help you without any extra costs. 

Examples of sites where you can book your flight to the lovely Gambia:

If you have any questions just feel free to contact us at:


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